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Mich(Minchi) Tsai

Mich Tsai is a London based Taiwanese artist, a designer, a curator, an observer, an event presenter and a fabber working in the field of digital fabrication, physical computing creation, photography, live performance. She has both marketing and FabLab management background. Moreover, she had co-organised and curated many FabLab community events, Maker Faires and Design Expo in Taiwan.

Currently, Mich has a strong interest in observing the culture, the human body and the future human evolution. She is good at engaging audiences through her reflect-able installations and sound projects.

Fablab/ Design Experiences

2017-2018 _
Graphic Designer/ Fablab STMC, Taiwan

2015-2017 _
Space Manager/ Fablab Tainan, Taiwan

2013-2017 _
Project Manager/ Punplace, Taiwan

Events/ Exhibition

2019 _
Artist/ Exhibition in Ars Electronica 2019, Out of the Box

2019 _
Artist/ Exhibition in Design Museum in London, Histories and Myths of the 21st Century Home Festival

2017 _
Co-organiser/ Taiwan Design Expo

2014-2017 _
Organizer/ The Renovation of Traditional Industry, Series of Talks

2014-2016 _
Assistant/ Maker Faire Taipei/ Tainan, Taiwan

2016 _
Organizer/ FabLearn Taiwan Conference

2015 _
Workshop tutor/ Fablab Asia 2nd Network Conference

2014 _
Assistant/ Fablab Taiwan 1st Conference

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All works and contents are from Mich Tsai 2019.